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Increase Your Prayer Life?

I am wondering what it would be like to increase my prayer life. How do you feel about your prayer life? I pray every day multiple times a day. However, I could pray longer. Is five to ten minutes enough time to talk to your Heavenly Father? Maybe……Maybe not……

I am going to start with maybe not. I am saying maybe not because I know my Father wants to spend more time with me. Prayer allows me to continue to build a relationship with God, and it releases the power of God in my life. Prayer is power, and prayer fights battles. Prayer releases strongholds. Do you agree with me that five/ten minutes is maybe not enough? However, I know that you can only pray as often and as long as your schedule allows. Therefore, I plan to make better choices to increase my prayer life.

Here are some ways to increase your prayer by making choices:

  1. Talk on the phone for an hour or two, or pray for an hour or two.

  2. Watch a movie or pray.

  3. Do nothing or do something by praying.

I am not saying that I will not talk on the phone, watch a movie or do nothing, but I will decrease those activities to increase my prayer life. This is going to work for me and make me feel better about the way I distribute my time. What can you decrease to increase your prayer life? Making a conscience effect to increase your prayer life will ensure you are successful.

Maybe five to ten minutes is enough for some individuals. I do feel as if our Heavenly Father is going to be pleased with you taking time to pray, even if it is ten minutes or less. So, I would not discourage anyone from praying for a few minutes. I actually encourage prayer to be done whenever and for as long as your heart desires. When you, as an individual, feel the need to increase your prayer life, just do it. What I am saying to you is a short prayer is better than no prayer.

Maybe or maybe not can be the correct response based on each individual and their relationship with God. According to Philippians 4:6, “ Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving present your request to God (NIV).” This is just one of many scriptures that can motivate us to pray. I am not an expert, nor do I claim to be an expert. This scripture is letting us know that we can speak to God about our fears and anxiety. First, fear and anxiety can be redirected by our thoughts. Speaking honestly with God in prayer gives us the opportunity to get rid of our fears and anxiety about any situation. A petition is a type of prayer that requests; it asks God to grant permission to be in favor of our petition according to His will. Thanking God in advance lets Him know that we trust and believe in His power to do so. This scripture makes me feel like I need to increase my prayer life so I will continue to increase my faith and let God download in me. What about you?

This written dialogue's purpose is to help you evaluate your prayer life. I would like to suggest that you:

  1. Build your own personal relationship with God

  2. Trust the process

  3. Pray accordingly

  4. Choose happiness

  5. Embrace Peace

  6. Do everything with LOVE!

I hope this written dialogue was helpful.

Self-Care with Sabrina

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