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Release Expectations

I recently attended a retreat. As usual, I left feeling full with several takeaways. The takeaway I would like to share with you is to put your trust and faith in God and the RELEASE EXPECTATIONS of human beings. We must understand and accept that our family, friends, frienemies, and associates may be unable to live up to our expectations. The definition of expectation is “a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.” What do you think happens when we expect things to turn out the way we want and, for some reason, it does not? Here is what can happen, those unfulfilled expectations may lead to disappointments. Then those disappointments may lead to bitterness. So, What can we do to keep unfulfilled expectations at a minimum?

  1. Focus on yourself

  2. Be realistic

  3. Have an open-mind

From a biblical worldview, we can

  1. Pray for guidance

  2. Pray for discernment

  3. Pray for wisdom and knowledge

Let’s keep in mind that expectations can create issues for those people we put the expectations on. Especially if we have high expectations. High expectations can cause people to develop stress and create psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. I feel as if that is unfair to put expectations on others' outcomes. We are in control of our lives, not others. To be honest, God is in control of it all.

So what does releasing expectations for others look like? Freedom! The type of FREEDOM I am speaking of is the freedom to:

  1. Enjoy your life as you are living it

  2. Become optimistic

  3. Relax your mind

This is not an easy thing to do. It is just like anything else that you plan to change in order to become a better version of yourself, it is going to take dedication and consistency. You can do it when you fix your heart posture and develop a positive mindset about the situation. Freeing your mind is a form of self-control.

Thank you for reading my blog. Please leave a comment below.

Words to Ponder

*If you must put expectations, maybe, put them on yourself.*


Self-Care with Sabrina

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Love this messsge

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Thank you. It makes your life much more easiers. We must focus on thing above.

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